24 February, 2009

Ghozzwul Fikr (taken from the Arrival)

The Eastern spiritual schools discuss 7 chakras,however we will only focus on 5The Sakral chakra, deals generally with your sexual energyIn Islam, there is the consept of ‘halal’ and ‘haram’, or blessed and forbidden by God, In most ocassion,certain practices can be either blessed or forbidden depending on their situation. So sex, for example, is forbidden, unless it takes place within a marriage, then it is considered a blessing. The sakral chakra can only produce healthy energy, when enriched under the appropriate marital environment. Therefore pre-marital relations are discouraged, while marriage is encourage, and should be embraced by all communities and societies.Second is Navel Chakra, is located next to your stomach, and it deals with personal power, & storage of the life force (prana).To build you life force correctly, you must eat healthy and natural foods. What you and your family eat, should come from an honest living, for it to be blessed. Eating from money made illegitimately will only harm your soul.Third is the heart chakra deals with compassion,love,respect,and emotional filfillment, and such can be achieved through healthy relationships, and love and harmony between people. The prophet Muhammad SAW said he was sent to compliment and complete the teachings of courtesy and good behavior, that were taught by Jesus and the other prophets. Only through compassion can we grow healthy as a society.Fourth is the throat chakra deals with communcation and self expression. The holy Qur’an teaches in QS 103:2-3 : Very man is in loss, except those who believe and the righteous deeds and recommend truth and recommend patience.And finally the crown chakra deals with wisdom,intuition,awareness, and spiritually. Ony by enriching each of these chakras in the right away, can you reach your potential as a human being. Therefor one must invest and enrich all their physical, mental, and emotional requirements into the righteous path to grow spiritually and become a master of yourself. Only then can you reach your potential, only then can you become a complete human. And people who order the new world order/Illuminati knows this, they want us to become weak, they want us to break our ukhuwah. The battle they have been conducting deals specifically with. It is no coincidence that their targets are the very same chakras we’ve discussed. One by one they’ve attacked your chakras in the very order they exist to reach enlighenment, one must raise his/her energy to travel up your chakras, from the lowest being the sacral, to the highest being crown.For sacral chakra they feed us with pornography (such as fashion, women in very miniskirt , free sex, homosex, lesbian, sex cartoon, etc). For the navel chakra they fed us with McD, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, candies, poisoned chocolate. And all instant food. For the heart chakra they feed us with unworthy films and causes such as murder, anarchy demonstration, etc. For the throat chakra they fed us with provocative media. They lie to people around the world with driven media. For the crown chakra they play it woth media mind control. The articles is submitted by them with bad news. One of their biggest fears is you winning the battle over each of these chakras, and ultimately, winning the battle for your soul. This is because when all of our chakras are aligned and enhanced correctly, a new chakra is born above the crown.One they cannot touch…one which culminates the free soul. And they know that one free soul gains the ability to free others.. And one by one, their system can begin to collapse.But it all begins with a choice right here and right now to remain an incomplete slave or to become a complete human???

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